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Denied for a visiting VISA……?

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1. Non furnishing of documents / Furnishing Incomplete Documents
Hesitance of showing income documents Major countries like USA / UK / AUSTRALIA / EUROPEAN UNION / SOUTH AFRICA / RUSSIAN give strong emphasis on applicant’s financial status as to reduce illegal immigrants. Remember to carry below listed documents.

  • Bank statements Personal savings having enough funds available consistently since past 06 months & current account statement showing healthy transactionsif you are a business owner
  • Property Papers – If you have a property registered solely / jointly under your name kindly attached photocopies of the same
  • Professional Documents Self Employed – Shop act / Article of incorporation in case of a company / MOU – Memorandum of understanding if any to clear you position in the company/ Pan card (self & company) Salaried – Offer Letter & Joining Letter with Pan Card
  • Income Documents – Income tax returns / salary slips if salaried
  • Investment Documents – Fixed deposit receipts / Investment bonds / Insurance documents / recurring deposits papers / fixed assets in terms of property or any other (Jewelry Purchase receipts)
  • Leave sanction letter / NOC Leave sanction letter if you serve a Pvt. company or No objection certificate NOC is required if you serve a Govt/ Semi Govt organization with leave sanction letter

2. Incomplete information on family details.
It is essential to disclose family details and marital status, during filling the application form and necessary to provide correct information.
In case you are applying for a tourist visa and your children is not accompanying, kindly mention so in the same in the covering letter, it shows
a valid reason for you to be back.

3. Non-Disclosure of actual reason of travel.
It is my observation that people do not opt for the correct visa type while filing the visa application form, there are a few options in the drop down
under visitor visa section, it is essential to select the correct option.
Example – Visiting relatives (blood relation)
– Tourism

Your purpose for visiting the country may be tourism in both the cases, but it is essential to mention weather you have someone known may be a friend / relative
in the country and weather you would be putting at his/her place for a short duration, if so a supporting letter (letter of invitation) is mandatory to be attached.

If not you need to attach a Travel Plan / Itinerary with accommodation details (Hotel bookings or alternate) of the cities/places mentioned in the travel plan as per the dates However I have observed that some people try to travel to a country on a visitor visa and plan to set up some business / find a job for themselves, such application are usually rejected as these do not have sufficient documentation showing their intention to travel for leisure. However there are various categories under which you can apply for above reasons.

4. Itinerary prepared improperly.
It is essential to attach a proper travel plan and a day wise itinerary, recommended to take a professional help on the same.

5. Incorrect body language or non-confident approach during the interview.
Choose a language in which you are comfortable for giving the interview, and keep it simple. Be confident and furnish originals of the documents attached if asked for.


Question – Why do you want to travel to the USA (any country)..?
Answer – For visiting my in-laws and tourism, we wish to see the Niagara falls / statue of liberty and Disneyland, we have booked a tour with xyz company and later i wish to see my in-laws for a short duration of
5 Days

Question – Why do you wish to travel at this time only..?
Answer – The kids are having their annual holidays only till 06th June so we have to be back also it happens to be my fater in-laws birthday on the 01st June we would celebrate his birthday and be back by the 03rd June for
the children to be back to school on time.

Question – How long do you intend to stay in the USA..?
Answer – 10 Days for the tour and 5 Days for later with my in-laws so 15 days in all

Question – Why are you applying for a six months visa if you can finish the trip in a shorth duration..?
Answer – We have applied for a minimum duration visa which we thought would be six months, we are comfortable with a shorter duration also if available

Question – Where would you put up in the USA…?
Answer – We have attached our tour confirmations which have hotel details during the tour and address of
my brother in-law is___________________

Question – How much do you expect the trip cost would be..?
Answer – The total cost for my family should be around 6 lac rupees.

Question – Who is sponsoring your trip…?
Answer – I am sponsoring the complete trip for my family.

Question – Are your relative having a holiday when you intend to see them..?
Answer – My father in-law and mother in-law are retired and my brother in-law has taken a leave from 28th May 2016 to 03rd June 2016

Question – What is the legal status of your in-laws in the USA…?
Answer – Sir they are American citizens

Question – Has anyone filled a Green Petition for you in the USA..?
Answer – No Sir

Question – Have you booked your ticket to the USA..?
Answer – Yes / No sir

Question – Have you purchased your Travel Insurance…?
Answer – Yes / No sir.

Question – What do you do in India..?
Answer – I am in business of xyz, I am working for xyz

Question – Who would take care of the business in your absence
Answer – My father would, the reason I have kept a short trip is I need to be back on time.

Question – Could you pls show me your business card…?
Answer – Sure. Present your business card.

Question – Can I see your leave approval…?
Answer – If you are employed, pls furnish your leave approval letter

Question – How could your assure you would be back in India..?
Answer – I am survived with my parents who need to be taken care of as well as I am successful running my in India. My social life is on a all-time high as well as my children in studying in XYZ school and I have paid acquired their admission in the school for the coming year. As well as I have sufficient property here in India.

Question – How many siblings do you have and where do they live..?
Answer – 01 Sister, married and staying in Pune with her family.

Question – What is your annual Income..?
Answer – Answer


I Sincerly hope the above blog helps your complete for your Tourist VISA application


M.S. Makhija


Application Format


The Visa Officer
American Consulate General

Dear Sir/Madam,

Application for Tourist Visa

I, _______________ along with my wife _______________ and children ____________ (son) & _________________ (Daughter) intend to travel to the United States of America for holiday along with the visit to my brother in law to celebrate my father in-law’s 50th wedding anniversary on DATE who is residing with my brother inlaw ___________, At

ADDRESS.- Contact no +1 90 13358475. In the month of June for a period of 15 Days

I am a self-employed person and run a proprietary concern along with my father in the name of Regal Builders for the
last 12 years, which is a family run business.

I along with my family,
WIFE – _______________________
SON – ________________________
DAUGHTER – ________________________
FATHER – ___________________________
MOTHER –___________________________.

Reside at our bungalow –ADDRESS for the last 25years which stands at a value of Rs. 3 Cores. My family comprises of
my parents, my wife, a son and my second daughter. My Son and daughter are doing their schooling in Aurangabad. My father will be taking care of the Business during my absence.

We are into construction business and have completed quite a few projects, with a few of ongoing projects namely –“NEST” which is a standalone apartment building at beed bypass Aurangabad – consisting 08 row house bungalow and 16 – 2BHK FLATS. Namoh Reality – consisting – 144 – 1 FLATS & 36 – 2BHK FLATS & 11 row house bungalows Khushi Reality – 16 – 1 BHK FALTS & 06 -1RK FLATS

Apart from this I am also into the hospatillaty industry, I along with my partner (__________) are running a hotel named – _________ a 42 ROOM property & _____________ a 60 room property.

As I have a proprietary run business and will not be able to take up frequent visits, I and my wife and children intend to visit – USA for a total of 15 day out which we have a tour planned for 10Days followed by a visit to brother in-law for a period of 5days. At the same time I have the responsibility of my aged parents and running business along with education of my children, I will be returning to my Home Country immediately after the above specified period.

We will be carrying sufficient funds along with me under the Basic Travel Quota Scheme.

All out travelling expenses will be borne by me.

I request you to grant us the necessary visa enabling us to travel as scheduled and oblige.

Thanking you,

Yours sincerely,